Eva Beim
Eva Beim
I believe in the power of the light within us. And in the ability to transcend that which may separate us, but instead, can bring us together.

This has never been more true and necessary than in these current times. We all know this is a challenging time across our planet. And after a couple of Covid years, many of us had to learn to dig deeper, to reconnect with family in ways we may not have for a long time, and to get along better with others, if that’s been necessary. Yes, it’s been a challenging time for many, and while I pray for everyone of you, everyone around the globe, I also look at the silver linings whenever I can.

Which brings me to my favorite word, gratitude. Gratitude can bring us right to the moment we are in, right to the present within; when we close our eyes, when we let go... of anxiety or stress or worry, or pain. Gratitude for anything you can think of: The sky above us, a helping hand, the sound of a bird, the knowing that there are so many people sending love and prayers out that we can tap into.

It is a time for Grace, for taking time to be gentle with ourselves so we can emanate that compassion to others. And in our states of gratitude and grace we can find Calm. A beautiful sense of tranquility we may not have realized rests within us.

I wish all of you that sense of peace, of love, of transcendence above all of this, and that sense of healing light warming your soul. And the knowing that you do have access to that beauty and that special place to help heal yourself. I wish you my greatest prayers and blessings for all that love, serenity and light now. And may we carry it further.... to keep creating more joy and uplifting energy wherever we go! I look so forward to hearing from you 💗😄💗

Please feel to reach out.

Eva records and performs Classics. Elevated. Pop/Rock. Indie. World. Soul. Passionately performed. Powerfully delivered. Masterfully arranged. Positively inspired.

Eva is a versatile performer who fuels her recordings and performances with passion for her audience. She shares her desire to create bridges of deeper understanding through her music and message.

Her style is pop indie rock. On "Of Light," Eva revisits her roots with some middle-eastern classics which transcend time and genres. This exquisite production also includes originals with Eva's universal message: to bring love, awareness and compassion towards making the world a happier place. And to bring a greater sense of peace to her listeners and fans.

In the words of producer Sam Glaser, Eva Beim is one of the sweetest, most sensitive and heartfelt interpreters of music... her CD is so rich and moving. Eva is a shining star and will rock your world!

Another critic claims, Soulful spiritual, soaring, enlightened. What a Voice! You'll love this CD. It's more than a Jewish record, this one's for the masses.

Her CD, "Evalution," is a powerful production of deep lyrical value and gorgeous original music and vocals. If you want to be uplifted or are looking to climb above some pain over a lost love, this compilation is for you.

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