I believe in the power of the light within us. And the ability to transcend that which may separate us, and instead, bring us together.

Eva is a versatile performer who fuels her performances with a passion for her audience. Whether at concerts, special events, parties, clubs or music festivals, she brings that special touch to each performance.

Her style ranges from pop and world music to blues and jazz. Check out her latest CD, "Of Light," and "Evalution," which has some of her fav originals on it.
On "Of Light," Eva revisited her roots and found some middle-eastern classics and transcended time and genres with this exquisite production. The album includes originals with Eva's universal message; to bring love, compassion and awareness towards making the world a better place.
In the words of Sam Glaser, "Eva Beim is one of the sweetest, most sensitive and heartfelt interpreters of music..her new CD is so rich and moving. Eva is a shining star and will rock your world!"
Another critic claims, "Soulful spiritual, soaring enlightened. You'll love this CD. It's more than a Jewish record, this one's for the masses.

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Eva Beim
Eva Beim

Eva is a shining spirit with an energy that radiates through her music. This artist is all about Passion. In her words: "I'm passionate about people, the world, and the way we do or don't get along, striving for peace and always music." Eva believes that music is the universal language - a language she hopes to use as a tool for promoting understanding and harmony.
At home in San Diego near the beach Eva loves, this California native has been busy writing and recording another CD. "Of Light" was a "labor of love" stemming from her roots. Her fans had often asked her to do a record with music from her heritage, so she finally listened. Weaving together her blend of contemporary pop and indie folkrock, together with some moving originals, this album is a Spiritual World music sensation. Take the journey.
Her first album, "EVALUTION," is an evolution of the music her fans have come to love. It emanates the same qualities Eva's songs are known for - truth, vulnerability, spirit and depth - with lyrics that inspire you. Eva sings songs with her heart, straight from the soul with those great lyrics and a depth unsurpassed.
While Eva is from Los Angeles originally, she has spent time on both coasts, and has primarily performed in New York, California, and Nashville. One of her favorite moments was singing at Lincoln Center's Avery Fischer Hall, for a Broadway Gala Performance. It was during that time, that the love affair with NY began. "But as much as I love 'the city that never sleeps,'" she says, "I am still truly a beach girl who loves the mountains." But she'll go back East anytime to perform and visit.
After Eva spent a year in Nashville, here's what Music City had to say about her: "A refreshing blend of Christina, Norah Jones, and even Barbra, all rolled into one spunky, yet very soulful package. And throw in some Aretha too, but don't try to compare, she has her own unique style. Yes, this woman can belt out those blues and take you home." Music critic Jeff Jacobs says, "Soaring vocals with warmth and an introspection that delivers, and then she stuns you with those high angelic notes that pierce your soul. Subtle and bold, you get it all with Eva." Another reviewer: "Eva is deep, emotional, and she's not afraid to share herself with you. A rare gem."
Eva is backed up on this record up by a talented band headed by lead guitarists Jamie Kime, who has worked and toured with Jewel, the Dixie Chicks, and other well-known performers, and guitar virtuoso Peter Sprague, who has done it all in the Jazz world. Peter also co-produced the CD.
As a performer, Eva kicks it up and puts on a great show! Her CD is more introspective than some of her live performances, but Eva says it's a statement for the spirit and the CD took on a life of its own. As one fan said, "When I'm in traffic and stressed, I put on this CD and I'm lifted up. I relax ten notches down. Her lyrics make me think, and it puts life back in perspective for me." Enjoy "EVALUTION" and "OF LIGHT."

New CD now available!

Of Light

Eva Beim: Evalution To order your copy, please visit CDBaby.com, they're the best.
For your convenience the album is also available at iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Shazam, Rdio, Beats Music, eMusic, iHeart Radio, Rhapsody, Sony Music Unlimited
  • Hear The Light (Overture)
  • Ani V'Ata (You And I)
    Arik Einstein
  • Don't Walk Behind
    Eva Beim
  • Lu Yehi
    Naomi Shemer
  • When The Levee Breaks
    Sam Glaser
  • Adon Olam
    Hebrew Prayer
  • Hineni Chant
    Eva Beim
  • Hineni (Here I Am)
    Eva Beim
  • David's Song (Based On David's Psalm 23)
    Eva Beim
  • Shema Eloka (Hear My G-D) (When The Heart Cries)
    Yossi Gispan/Arlet Tzafadia/Shmuel Elbaz
  • Let The Lights
    Eva Beim/Sam Glaser
  • Then It's Time
    Sam Glaser
  • Yerushalayim Shel Zahav (Jerusalem Of Gold)
    Naomi Shemer
  • Hear The Light (Bonus Track)
    Eva Beim


Eva Beim: Evalution

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